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The poems of this accomplished collection are “etchings” on the slippery glass of both the real and the imagined, glinting epiphanies of the love, loss, and momentary redemption central to our mysterious, ephemeral lives.

     – Larry D. Thomas, Texas Poet Laureate, 2008


It is this attention to “the real story”—the human story, set against which most “travel” poetry becomes so much background scenery—that draws Dameron’s work ultimately towards richer explorations of loss and grief. 

     – Dorothy Lawrenson, Texas Books in Review

Chip Dameron’s poems reverberate with longing and yearning, “damp with human hope.” Dameron traverses the space between reality and illusion, whether a river, a memory, or the path of a bird’s flight. His poems dare to enter a twilight lit with final meanings.

     – Jan Seale, Texas Poet Laureate, 2012

Publisher: Lamar University Literary Press, 2015

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