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Dameron’s Tropical Green is rich with images of the South Texas coastal regions. “Buzzards” is a hilarious poem that links car engines (“Gas and sparking, pistons, compression”), buzzards and student aversion to poetry. Never pretentious or contrived, Dameron’s lines are crisp and insightful: “All the Young Swans” describes the “bloody toeboxes” of young ballet dancers who “floated to applause / across a lake of illusion.” Dameron’s endings are particularly strong, often coming as a sharp surprise.      – Wendy Barker, San Antonio Express-News


Tropical Green navigates the borders of acute awareness, evoking the flora and fauna natural to the Texas coastal regions . . . while simultaneously meditating upon a primal sense of place for humanity in nature. . . . [His poems] demand ethical conscience – and consciousness.

     – Roberto Bonazzi, from the Preface

Publisher: Wings Press, 2005

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